At fairs all around the world Weckerle Cosmetics presents the latest Color Cosmetic Trends on a regularly base. See our Events and News Site to find out more about dates and locations or contact our Sales Team to book a private presentation asap.


Weckerle has a distinguished expertise in lipstick formulas and offers innovative and fashion forward portfolio in full service:

Lipsticks, Slimsticks, Trimlines, Chubbies in specific fillings as multi-color, design cores or beautiful decorated bullets. Find out more and contact us directly.


Color in perfection is also our promise in this category. Innovative textures and formulations guarantee long-lasting performances and intensive colours connected with an easy way of application.

Our product range covers a wide spectrum with various sizes and application forms
Automatic and sharpenable pencils, slimsticks, chapsticks, lipbalms, concealer and foundation sticks

Bottles & Tubes

Advance textures, sensorial pleasure and smart packaging solutions to provide the most comfortable way of usage. Choose your product from an enormous product range.

Mascaras, Liquid Liners, Concealer, Highlighter, Blush, Lip Liquids, Foundation, Primers

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Compact & Jars

Velvety, transforming and skin loving formulations for the perfect make-up finish with impressive color performance

Slurry Powders, Hot Pours, Cream Foundations, Blush