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FlexFeeder Product Feeding and Packing

Throughput: up to 180 pcs/min
Robot system

The FlexFeeder robot can be applied for various industries, such as pharmaceutical, food or cosmetics. The robot feeding and/or packing system is configured for a wide range of components and shapes. It is perfect aligned for rigid and wavy trays but also for bulk packed components. Through the outstanding performance recognition a maximum throughput of up to 180 pcs/min is assured. The FlexFeeder guarantees a faster, more precise and smoother product handling.


  • Utmost options for versatile machine and product types
  • Fast format changeover within 2 minutes
  • Improved format costs due to less change parts
  • Easy integration into existing filling machines and assembly lines
  • Small footprint of the main frame (1.4 x 1.4 m)

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